Council District 3

Andrew Trout

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Our Candidate Summary

These assessments are based on the answers or lack of answers supplied by the candidates. Andrew’s responses indicate a socially conservative and fiscally moderate position.

Andrew on the Issues

Do you support competition in Buchanan County’s healthcare?

In general, yes.  I am not in favor of having the hospital own such a high percentage of the medical practices, and would like to see more competition locally.  However, there are KC hospitals which either directly or indirectly compete here

How do you feel the mask mandate went in St. Joseph?

I was not a fan of the mask mandates, and will not be.  I understand the layman’s drive to see it, but on a scientific basis, there is nothing to substantiate the use of surgical masks (particle barriers) and absolutely no justified use of cotton masks (not even droplet barrier) for anything at all.

Do you support requiring photo ID to vote?

There are IDs in use now, we all must have some form of ID to vote, just like cashing a check, driving, ect.

If faced with a budget deficit, would you support or oppose cutting spending rather than increasing taxes?

The answer depends on the line item.  There is a critically logical reason to have a balanced budget, yet one of the three (or five, depending on which authors you read) purposes of a government is to provide economic stability, meaning that in good times, the government saves money which is to be spent when the economy is not good – to stabilize the economy.  So, in general, I would say that in good times, we should raise taxes, and in a bad economy, we should lower taxes, go into debt, if necessary, and payout into the economy what it can to help stabilize the economy.

If the council were given $1M to use to fund projects in St. Joseph, what would you fund?

That has happened many times, and is still happening.  For instance, the covid relief money, some $19M per year for 2021 and 2022, is earmarked for relief of the economic damage brought on by the pandemic.  In each case, the money is earmarked for specific purposes, and in those cases, citizens committees are set up to make recommendations as to exactly where the money is to go within the guidelines of the stated purpose, as has been done with the $19M.  I prefer to use committees such as this to be sure that there are more ideas as well as community buy-in on this type of expenditure.  Almost all public funds have this sort of constraint, so my ideas only go as far as the specific case allows.

Do you believe in equity (equal outcome) or equality (equal opportunity)?

I believe that God made all men equal, and the U.S. Constitution gave everyone the same rights under the law.  As so long as the law is being upheld, and every person does, indeed have the same opportunities, then it is up to each individual to make their way into the world as they see fit.  If there is a barrier to one’s equality under the law, then the law should be corrected.

How does St. Joseph compare to Kansas City? What lessons can each city learn from each other?

There is almost no comparison between St Joseph and Kansas City.  There are lessons to be learned from mistakes made by both municipalities over history, but they are a city with economic advantages that we will never have, and we are a small city with many non-economic advantages to exploit.

Merrick Garland stated that the greatest threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violence, “specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the white race”. Do you agree or disagree?

I believe that God made all men equal, and that ethnic violence is a way for political factions, especially those intent on breaking our democratic form of government, use this made up division among the races as an excuse for pushing another agenda.  I have seen multiple rases coexist in harmony for decades of my life as long as outlying politics do not get involved.

Are there circumstances where the city council can restrict the church from assembling? If so, under which circumstances?

No.  That is the definition of division of church and state.  The government was formed to mimic the church, but to remove the control over the government by the church.