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Bradley Huett


My name is Bradley Huett 30 years old, and I am originally from the Springfield, Mo area before moving to Saint Joseph, Mo in 2015. I moved to Saint Joseph with my wife and at the time my son Grant. Since moving to the area, I have built my family to a total of three children Grant, Denver and Callie all three students in the district. I am employed with Buchanan County EMS here in Saint Joseph where I am excited to have a long career and continue to live my EMS career dream. I am heavily involved in my children’s education and running for board is my next goal of stepping up my involvement.


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Bradly Huett on the Issues

Why have you decided to run for the Saint Joseph School Board?

I have chosen to run for the Board of Education for many reasons some of the most important are this. I believe that as a parent we need more parents to be represented so I am running as the everyday parent for the everyday parent. Parents must be heard and given a voice for our students and our staff educators and support staff. I have done all I know to do to have a impact as a parent in my children’s lives this is my way of taking my passion for our students and helping other parents out. I have no political agenda other than the Board of Education as this is where I am most prepared to stand up for our students, be a voice of the parents and support our staff.

What are the strengths you will bring to the school board?

Overall, I will say transparency, I will if elected be the most transparent board member allowing the public to be in the know at all times and have the chance to be heard. Next is dedication I am dedicated to be heavily involved in as much as I can and continue to be a open way of communication to the board with the public. My communication will be easy to obtain and always available.

What changes/policies do you want to implement within the School Board?

I want to make an impact with our academics so to start with that goal we must improve attendance. If our students are not in school, then any change made will not reach them. Next is consistency in resources we have to find a way to ensure our schools and all students have the same resources for their needs such as academic help. Lastly our behavior in our classrooms must improve to eliminate distractions and to better protect our teachers.

Many schools in Saint Joe are falling into disrepair. What would you do to see schools maintained and upgraded?

I will be present in our building’s to firsthand see for myself the conditions and the needs to quickly be able to act on getting the work done. I will not wait for issues to be at the worst state before being made aware. This is a proactive task and I have no issue walking into buildings to hear from our staff the needs of our buildings.

How do you feel the mask mandate was handled by the School Board during the COVID pandemic?

I will say covid was a new beast that we have not seen before, and they made decisions based on what others were doing. I stand on the fact that a mandate is not an option, but we are to focus on factual points of how to identify being sick and if your sick we stay home. Routine cleaning agendas are a must.

Would you be in favor of mandating face masks or vaccinations of students within the school district? Please elaborate.

I will never support/vote for a mask mandate or a vaccination mandate, the Board of Education is not in the place of making healthcare demands for everyone. We do not ask the board to have input on any other health crossroad and covid is no exception.

Do you believe there are financial resources within the budget that are currently misallocated?

I at this time am unable to answer this as I am not able to view and or have the details of the current budget. I do believe that there is always room for improvement. I do aim to be as involved as I can with this topic.

What are your top funding priorities?

1. Staff
2. Buildings
3. Academic Resources, those are my top 3.

How would you ensure financial transparency and accountability with the public?

I will share all documents legally allowed to share with the public, answer all questions and encourage random audits of our financial records to gain the trust or to show our community we are in the best interest of this district.

What is the greatest challenge the Saint Joseph School district is currently facing?

Consistency & Transparency this applies to our staff, our academics, students and our community. If we are consistent and take care of these things, we will see a positive impact.

How do you feel about the current approach to special education within the school district?

I am not well educated in the current programs and the success rates so I cannot speak to the current approach, but it is critical we serve all of our students to the best of our ability.

What do you see as the most significant challenges teachers face within the district?

Support our teachers need support for the good they do and the bad they deal with. Our teachers should be heard and protected. They need to be informed and backed. Just looking at how they can be treated by some of our students when it comes to behavior that is not an issue they should be stranded with.

How will you encourage community interaction and receive community feedback about the state of Saint Joseph Schools?

By publicly providing opportunities to attend meetings even if that is moving to multiple sessions for those not able to attend due to work etc. Social Media if used correctly is a huge platform we can use it better. We need to ensure the public can search and find more than one way to interact with the board and be able to have a chance to interact.

How would you encourage parental involvement within the school system?

I believe that once our parents think they can actually impact change in our district involvement will grow. As a parent I fully understand that come parents refuse to step up and engage and for them that is a loss which is why the ones that do need to be involved in as many roles as possible. We need to make all opportunities more known and give notice of upcoming events etc. A lot of events are last minute advertised and just minimally made known to the public.

Do you support transgender-inclusive or lgbtq+ policies for schools such as bathroom and locker room inclusion based on someone's preferred gender?

Safety, Safety, Safety I have no issues if you’re part of the LGBTQ community or not I WILL NOT support the sharing of restrooms or locker rooms. (NO)