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Kimberly Dragoo


If you don’t know who I am, you’ve probably been living under a rock… All jokes aside. I’m a freedom-loving conservative American who believes in our Constitutional Republic. 🇺🇸


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Socially Conservative
Fiscal Conservative

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Kimberly on the Issues

Why have you decided to run for the Saint Joseph School Board?

I have many reasons why I have decided to jump into this race.. One of the most important reasons is that our students need people like me to fight for their Innocence… Desporia & other mental illnesses shouldn’t be front & center. When did society start normalizing Mental illness & woke ideology? The indoctrination is here.. I’m one person that will not back down.. Although I feel sorry for people that suffer from Mental illness, I don’t feel like it should be pushed on our youth in any way, shape or form.. Their minds aren’t developed enough to understand all the social issues we are facing today & they shouldn’t have to.. Let’s stick to reading, writing, math, history & science..

What are the strengths you will bring to the school board?

No one running will stand up like I will.. I’m honest & straight forward & will always stand up for what’s right.. In no way can I be bought, persuaded or bullied into anything that goes against my gut feelings..

What can be done to address the poor English proficiency and Math Proficiency scores that are being generated by kids in our school system? English scores reflect that students are only 32% proficient and math scores are coming in at 38% proficient --- both below the state average.

In my opinion it’s teachers that can make or break a student in school.. I think the enormous wage difference between administrators and teachers is a big problem.. There’s no incentive to make sure every single student passes & the behavior issues are not helping. Why do we constantly let disruptive behavior stop our teachers from teaching & students from learning? I’m kind of a three strikes your out person..

Where do you stand on the 4-day/week school schedule proposal?

I think it’s ridiculous for many reasons. I’m yet to hear of a good reason why we should be sacrificing our students education. Teacher retention? Really?? We are negotiating the teachers days off now??? Why aren’t these huge teacher unions not stepping up to resolve this?? Why are we going down this road of dumbing down our future generations?

Do you understand the District's Annual Budget, and what are your plans to get your arms around the details of that budget and evaluate where and how Tax taxpayer dollars are being spent?

I have been looking at the wasteful spending for years.. It’s really hard to figure out what is what & it has gotten worse the last few years on how it’s Itemized… I can promise I’m going to change some of the ridiculousness I’m seeing right now.. DOORDASH!!! Why in the world are we paying for Mcdonald’s doordash?? I’ve never used it one time in my life & I don’t think any taxpayer should have to pay double because someone is to lazy to go get their own food…First of all, we shouldn’t be buying McDonald’s for anyone & second, we shouldn’t be paying double to have it delivered. I have a hard time with lazy.. I’m also gonna question why any principle at any school has a subscription to youtube TV in their office. Number one, it’s expensive, around $70 a month. Number 2, why are you watching TV at work while you are making over 100k a year & our schools are failing??? I know these details because I have invested a lot of time looking into these things for the past five years.

Where do you stand on the proposed Bond Renewal of $20 million when the District Administration has no impactful plan to utilize that money to better educate our children? Passing that bond issue would cost the taxpayers 26 cents per $100 of access property value- approximately $3.2 million annually.

I’m definitely not voting for it.. They have no real plan for the money.. They are only doing it to keep a $80 million bond capacity.. ulterior motive is actually for their dream mega high school.. No, thank you.

What is your position on general levy Tax increases to increase the school district's annual budget?

They will have to earn the community trust first. I’m not there. I don’t trust them. I see the spending habits. We have Tammy Pasley running for school board again. I will remind everyone. She was in charge when they closed the Northside & the Southside grade schools (Humboldt & Lake.) Tammy created this overcrowding of our grade schools & thats why we have our little sixth graders going to middle school. The trailer park schools she set up behind our grade schools didnt work so well.. But it’s nice that the sixth graders in Tammy’s part of town are still able to go to their newest under capacity grade school.. Am I flinging mud? NO!!! i’m stating facts that everyone needs to know. We replaced that entire board for the harm they cause this district. This is a public information announcement

What is your position on the current redistricting proposal?

It should have been done years ago i’m over the procrastinating. The elite in this town have constantly intimidated the board.. There is no intimidating me!! It will be fare to the entire community. Promise!!!

What is your position on the proposal to build one or two new high schools replacing the three older facilities that currently exist?

Absolutely not!!! Its our grade schools and middle schools that are a mess.. Here’s another truth. It’s the elite in this town that don’t like Central because of the demographics. Those with a silver spoon in their mouth think they need a Shiney new school in their neck of the woods & they don’t care what it takes to get it.. Entitled people don’t care who they step on for what they want. . We aren’t sacrificing our beloved neighborhood high schools so they can have a brand new Shiny one. It’s funny how the word old buildings is constantly used. Excuses that they can’t maintain them in one breath.. Hey, we can make them middle schools in another breath.. It’s funny that Casey Housman of the shool district was in todays paper for a national honor on maintaining great buildings. You cannot talk out of both sides of your mouth with me.. The high school building are to much to maintain they say.. Oh wait, we can afford them now for middleschoolers just not high schoolers? Make that make sense!!!

What is your approach to school safety? What is your position on metal detectors, security guards, and safety training for our teachers and administrators?

I’m a 100% for anything we can do to keep them safe… That’s why I’m running for the school board.. I’m over all the nonsense..

How do you feel about the current approach to special education within the school district?

I don’t know enough about it to comment but I will learn..

What do you see as the most significant challenges teachers face within the district?

100% Behavior!!! I think we need cameras in every single classroom to identify the problems the teachers are having. I also think the parents should have the right to check in on their children anytime they want & even observe the entire day if they want..

What will be your approach to working with the school district administration?

I’m a very straight forward person & that is always my approach with anyone..

Do you support transgender-inclusive or lgbtq+ policies for schools such as bathroom and locker room inclusion based on someone's preferred gender?

No, absolutely not!!! Dysporia is a mental illness. We don’t put our children in harmful situations to satisfy the 2% that scream the loudest.. I do, however, feel that we have to take care of all the students special needs as in IEP, special education & so forth. Instead of inclusive it should be exclusive for their 2% special need.

Would you encourage the introduction of materials into the school system based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other "woke" ideologies?

Absolutely not!!! Why is this needed? Why focus on one group of people. Isn’t that in itself racist? Can’t we all just be Americans learning American history? The good, the bad the Ugly.

What is your position on notifying parents if a child is considering something harmful to their bodies – whether it is gender-related or other? What will you do about the current movement to limit a parent's involvement?

They are called dependents for a reason. They depend on their parents for guidance & everything else as they grow up. I’m 100% parents rights. Our government doesn’t allow minors to smoke, drink, buy guns or drive until a certain age. Does it make sense to mutilate their bodies before their brains are developed all the way into adulthood? I find it sad that these are even questions.. Again, there is no one running that will stand up against this stuff like I will..

Any additional information?

For 3 high schools instead of 2 Cast your vote for Kim Dragoo 🇺🇸 For God and country my all I give with American honor my life I’ll live. To the fighting troops that protect our land my God hold tight in his mighty hand.

Public Forum – Wednesday, March 20, 6:30 pm @ Grace Calvary Chapel

Public Forum – Wednesday, March 20, 6:30 pm @ Grace Calvary Chapel

Public Forum – Wednesday, March 20, 6:30 pm @ Grace Calvary Chapel

Public Forum – Wednesday, March 20, 6:30 pm @ Grace Calvary Chapel