Council At-Large Candidate

Michael Grimm

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Our Candidate Summary

Socially Conservative
Fiscal Conservative

These assessments are based on the answers or lack of answers supplied by the candidates. Michael’s responses indicate a socially conservative and fiscally conservative position.

Michael on the Issues

Do you support competition in Buchanan County’s healthcare?

Competition is a tenet of capitalism that creates better service and lower costs.

How do you feel the mask mandate went in St. Joseph?

Many mistakes were made during the start of the pandemic. Mask mandates forced many businesses to close or greatly curtail their operations. While I was vaccinated and do sometimes wear a mask, I do not believe in mask mandates or vaccine mandates.

Do you support requiring photo ID to vote?

I believe that voting is both a privilege and a right. Protection of those rights must be paramount and a photo ID should be required.

If faced with a budget deficit, would you support or oppose cutting spending rather than increasing taxes?

We must first be very conservative and choose wisely when budgeting. If there is a deficit I would cut spending before asking for more of a tax burden on our citizens.

If the council were given $1M to use to fund projects in St. Joseph, what would you fund?

I would recommend spending the money on beatification projects. Cleaning up our city not only helps decrease crime, increase desire of businesses to locate in St. Joseph but also builds community pride among our residents.

Do you believe in equity (equal outcome) or equality (equal opportunity)?

I strongly believe in equality. Everyone should have the same opportunity, but to achieve that goal everyone must take personal responsibility.

How does St. Joseph compare to Kansas City? What lessons can each city learn from each other?

I have a love hate relationship with Kansas City. We are very fortunate to live in a city that has a rich history and friendly atmosphere. That provides many opportunity in the arts, festivals, parks and museums. Kansas City is close enough to commute to work or to enjoy the amenities that St. Joseph is too small to support. However, too much of the crime that exits in KC filters its way to St. Joseph along with people that take advantage of our healthcare and our welfare system which taxes our ability to adequately help our city residents.

Are there circumstances where the city council can restrict the church from assembling? If so, under which circumstances?

The first amendment contains an “Establishment Clause” separating church and state. This was written to keep the government from interfering with the church. As a conservative Christian, I would never agree to stop any recognized church from assembly.