Municipal Judge

Theodore “Ted” Elo

I was born and raised in St. Joseph Missouri and graduated from LeBlond high school and Missouri Western State University. I graduated from St. Louis University school of law. I was hired by Kranitz & Kraanitz, PC and became a partner. I changed the direction of my legal career and have been an assistant city attorney with the city of St. Joseph since 2003. In my first job I did criminal defense work which included representing defendants to Municipal Court, I also did general civil practice. My employment at the city has me working with departments and occasionally substituting as Municipal Prosecutor.

Ted on the Issues

What qualifies you for Municipal Judge?

I have been an attorney over 35 years with half my time in private sector law representing clients in municipal and the other half with the city and seeing first hand the efforts and time police, animal control staff and property and building inspectors put into their jobs. They are under appreciated by most and only appreciated when they are needed by the public.

Do you view the United States Constitution as an Originalist or Non-Originalist?

I view the United States Constitution as an Originalist or Strict Constructionist.  Judges should not legislate from the bench.

Changes/procedures in the cities court system.

The authority of the judge is unfortunately limited. I would want to work with city staff and our lobbyists and legislators to be given more authority. This will take time, but working with what authority the position now has, I would like to try “flex court” extending hours with buy-in from court staff and county. I will judge cases independent of others as all people/defendants are different and these differences need to be part of sentence imposed.